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A multi-asset class India Real Estate Fund with focus on Western and Northern regions



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Social Impact through inner-city slum redevelopment and Environmental Impact through active adoption of offsite construction

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A coming together of an international German Real Estate Investment Manager RE RISE GmbH, French Real Estate Fund Advisory Hamberg Capital SARL, and India focussed UK Fund Manager Red Ribbon Fund Management Limited

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Huge demand has outstripped the supply of property in India and the Indian economy, driven by 1.35 billion people, offering opportunities for both income and capital growth that are currently limited in the stagnant Western economies.






A multi-asset class closed-end fund registered in Luxembourg investing in the Indian real estate market. We invest directly in capital and income growth real estate projects alongside reputed developers and indirectly in listed property-related equities.

  • New build including inner-city redevelopment
  • Grade A commercial properties for rental yield
  • Listed equities of developers and suppliers to the real estate sector
  • Cash Reserve

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Listen to RE RISE Projects & Investments Director - Joerg Beahren on why to invest in Indian Real Estate

Red Ribbon - RR090720 - Film 2 (Red Ribbon Real Estate Fund - English) - D2 (1)



The executive team members, split between the Luxembourg-based Investment Committee and the Asset Manager on the ground in India, bring together combined, direct and related real estate experience in excess of 125 years. Their joint expertise encompasses institutional property funds; equity and capital raising over many decades for real estate funds; managing Indian retail and residential assets; as well as international property development and management across the developed and emerging markets.

At the Investment Committee level they are represented by German international developer and investor, RE RISE GmbH; India-focused investment house, Red Ribbon Fund Management Limited, based in Gibraltar and established French real estate fund adviser, Hamberg Capital SARL.


Antonio Thomas

Investment Committee Member
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Franck Hamoniau

Investment Committee Member
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Grenville Carr-Jones

Investment Committee Member
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Jörg Bähren

Investment Committee Member
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Suchit Punnose

Investment Committee Member
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Krishika Parekh

Corporate Finance Manager
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Shashi Mishra

Advisor to the Board
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Shriram Singh

Strategic Advisor to the Board
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Sunny Chowdhry

Director of Projects
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Vinayak Paliwal

Financial Analyst
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