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A multi-asset class India Real Estate Fund with focus on Western and Northern regions



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Social Impact through inner-city slum redevelopment and Environmental Impact through active adoption of offsite construction

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A coming together of an international German Real Estate Investment Manager RE RISE GmbH and India focussed Fund Manager Red Ribbon Fund Management Limited

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Target Fund Size
€200 million
Risk Mitigation
Only participate in shovel-ready projects
Locally networked team with 120 years of cumulative real estate experience
Our Core Skills
Creative solutions in optimising design, financing and project management
Deal Flow
Access to established developers and exclusive deals
Market Opportunity
Strong and growing Indian real estate market


A multi-asset class closed-end fund registered in Luxembourg investing in the Indian real estate market. We invest directly in capital and income growth real estate projects alongside reputed developers and indirectly in listed property-related equities.

Asset Allocation

  • New build including inner-city slum redevelopment
  • Grade A commercial properties for rental yield
  • Listed equities of real estate developers and suppliers
  • Cash Reserve



We will be working with our development partners to actively adopt green construction technologies such as offsite construction and the use of input materials that will reduce the carbon footprint of our projects. All our projects will be certified by LEEDS and GRIHA.
The Fund will invest in slum redevelopment projects, which will deliver social impact through high-quality permanent housing for slum dwellers, joint ownership of housing to women to provide them with key financial security.
In summary, the Fund’s strong commitment to Mainstream Impact Investment standards means that its projects will deliver better and more efficient buildings with lower maintenance costs and Social Impact on the ground.
The Fund conforms to Article 6 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) which means it has as part of its investment mission the creation of sustained, positive social impact. Article 6 requires asset managers to disclose how sustainability risks are integrated into their investment decisions and the results of an assessment of the likely impacts of sustainability risks on their funds.


Regulatory Framework

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016, RERA, is a landmark change in regulation bringing about consolidation, quality and transparency, making it an ideal time to enter the market

Increasing Investments

Increase in transparency and returns have seen a surge in private investments in the sector, attracting foreign investments worth $5 billion in the first 9 months alone of this financial year 2020-21 despite the pandemic

Market Opportunity

Indian real estate market expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030, becoming the 3rd largest in the world

Attractive Risk/ Return Profile

Investing directly in real estate projects alongside reputed developers and indirectly in listed equities, enables a weighted average return commensurate to the risk/return profile

Robust Demand

Growing economy has given a push to demand for office spaces and commercial properties and as the urban population becomes more environmentally conscious, there is an increase in demand for energy efficient and environment friendly architecture


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Real Estate Updates


PE investments in real estate stood at $1,180 million in Q1 of 2022: Knight Frank India

The real estate sector is estimated to receive private equity investments of $6,884 million in CY 2022.


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