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Fund Highlights

Target Fund Size
€200 million
Risk Mitigation
Only participate in shovel-ready projects
Locally networked team with 120 years of cumulative real estate experience
Our Core Skills
Creative solutions in optimising design, financing and project management
Deal Flow
Access to established developers and exclusive deals
Market Opportunity
Strong and growing Indian real estate market
Target Fund Size
€200 million
Target Fund Size
€200 million


Fund Name

Red Ribbon RE RISE India Real Estate Fund

  • Income from Grade A commercial buildings
  • Capital Growth from new build and redevelopment
  • Regional focus on the Western and Northern regions
  • Real Estate fund with the ability to invest up to 25% in listed real estate related equities
Target Returns
  • Capital Growth share class ROI: 20% pa
  • Income share class ROI: 10% pa
Asset Allocation
  • New build including inner city slum redevelopment - up to 35%
  • Grade A commercial properties for rental yield - up to 35%
  • Listed equities of developers and suppliers to the real estate sector - up to 25%
  • Cash Reserve - up to 5%"
Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
  • Investment criteria include targetting assets and local partners who make use of offsite construction technology and environmentally friendly techniques
  • In accordance with the Fund's stated investment objectives, the Fund's investments include targetting inner-city slum redevelopment projects
Target Equity

€200 million

Fund Advisor
Red Ribbon Fund Management Limited
Investment Advisor's Co-Sponsors & JV Partners
  • RE RISE GmbH
  • Hamberg Capital SARL
Asset Manager

Substantia Real Estate India Private Limited


Limestone Platform AS Luxembourg

Legal Structure

Share Classes

  • Capital Growth - Institutional & Well-Informed
  • Income - Institutional & Well-Informed


Hurdle Rate
  • Capital Growth share class: 8% pa
  • Income share class: 6% pa

Subscription Fee


  • Institutional – 1% (not charged to the investor)
  • Well-informed – 5% (not charged to the investor)


Management Fee
  • Institutional – 1%
  • Well-informed – 2%


Performance Fees

  • Capital Growth classes: 10% (over 8%); 20% (over 16%); 30% (over 24%)
  • Income classes: 10% (over 6%); 20% (over 12%); 30% (over 18%)


Closed-end: 8-year term with two 1-year extensions (8+1+1)




Minimum Subscription

  • Institutional: €/£/$ 1,000,000
  • Well-informed: €/£/$ 125,000


Depository & Custodian

RBC Investor Services Bank S.A

Legal Advisor
GSK Stockmann
Deloitte Luxembourg


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Network and IPC

  • The fund team members have an extensive network from past experience and established relationships, which will be used  to identify developer partners


  • The developers will provide a constant source of investment opportunities for the fund as active players in the market

Service Providers:

  • The fund has identified established and local service providers for legal due diligence and financial analysis, taking into consideration regional variations in real estate laws
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Selection Criteria

Developer Selection

  • Track record
  • Reputational Risk
  • Local expertise
  • Brand value
  • Partnership mindset

Project Feasibility study

  • Asset allocation
  • Deal size
  • Return on investment
  • Duration
  • Social impact
  • ESG parameters
  • Micro Market analysis
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Detailed Due Diligence

Operational due diligence

  • KYC/UBO/PEP check
  • Balance Sheet analysis
  • Statutory compliance
  • Media/PR check

Asset due diligence

  • Title check and legal due diligence
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Tenant covenant check
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Investment Committee


  • Presentation of short-listed investment opportunities by the fund’s team
  • Discussion and Q&A among investment team and the committee


  • Vote by investment committee’s members